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Paradise de Coldplay


When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep

And dreamed of para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth

Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall, in the night the stormy night
She closed her eyes
In the night the stormy night, away she'd fly

And dreams of para- para- paradise
Para- para-paradise
Para- para-paradise


She dreams of para- para-paradise


Still lying underneath the stormy skies
She said oh-oh-oh
I know the sun's set to rise

This could be para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Could be para- para- paradise

This could be para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Could be para- para- paradise

This could be para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Could be para- para- paradise


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Joyeux Noel

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Virgo Woman Horoscope

Virgo woman horoscope

The Virgo woman is the chaste kind of woman. This is not due to her being born like this, but to her being educated in this spirit. This is exactly where her charm comes from. It results from this inner conflict between her fear of sin and the ease with which she commits it.

Don’t listen to Virgo woman’s endless critics and don’t pay attention to her various fears...! Her cleaning the whole house five minutes before her suitors knock at her door shouldn’t influence you. Her interior purity, which cannot find some other ways of expressing itself, accounts for all this.

If you stimulate the Virgo woman a little (not mentally, but erotically), you’ll discover a pure inner beauty, always ready to sacrifice herself in the name of conceptions and preconceived ideas. Devoting herself entirely to you, the Virgo woman will make you feel as if you were the absolute God of all human pleasures.

The Virgo woman cures all sufferings - just look at her harmonious legs, at her thighs that ask for slightly nasty touches, at that waist with a provocative girdle, at her beautifully shaped breasts, in a line which is neither childish nor mature, at her cameo-like neck, with her Renaissance curls that make you shiver at their slightest move. It is especially when she bends like a tired tiger cat that the Virgo woman reveals a sort of feminity, which is peerless even compared to the Aries woman. Let her go crazy a little because of your coming to a date with your tousled shirt - it’s her way of showing you how much she loves you and how much she wants you to be the perfect of your couple, not her.

Virgo woman horoscope by Bianca Jolicoeur

Do you visualize the Virgo girl as a gentle, virginal maiden, pure as the driven snow? You may be about to get some illusions shattered. She is no White Rock nymph in a gauzy tunic, kneeling by the pool. Sorry to spoil your image.

A Virgo woman can leave her husband for a man she met beside some faraway ocean, bear her lover's child before the benefit of marriage, and face a hostile world with her head held high. That's not very maidenly or virginal. There's a lot to leam about this tender, fragile little symbol of spotless womanhood. For one thing, her spine is made of stainless steel.

It's quite true that she's basically shy. No argument there. Virgo girls don't climb on soap boxes to make fiery, aggressive speeches or chop up saloons with hatchets, like Carry Nation. They don't get arrested for drunken driving, either, and 111 give you a five dollar bill for every one you find featured in a burlesque show. But a Virgo woman is a woman. She has all the necessary wiles and weapons, including a determination to pursue happiness wherever the path happens to lead her. A few prickly thorns along the way won't cause her either to faint or cry weakly for help.

When you hear of a Virgo woman who has outraged the laws of society, be sure you read between the lines. She is basically pure-minded-true. But so is love. Real love. And Virgo is not interested in any other kind. She'll climb the tallest mountains and storm the raging seas in galoshes and a pea jacket, once the spirit of Mercury has been exalted, which can considerably dim that wispy, chiffon image. Remember, too, that Virgo's true ruler, the distant Vulcan, is the god of thunder. A Virgo woman who recog­nizes her marriage as imperfect and finds a-love without a flaw (or thinks she has, which is the same thing), won't hesitate to cut former ties. When she uses the knife, she'll be as cool and precise as a surgeon. Much as she hates to break the family circle, the Virgo hates hypocrisy more.

Once she's accepted a love as true and ideal, the purity of her own concept of the relationship reigns supreme over all the pieces of legal paper in the world. She's the one woman in the zodiac who can be deadly practical and divinely romantic at the same time. That situation of the love affair beside some faraway ocean may seem casual and immoral on the surface. Actually, it's a predictable example of a Virginian behaving true to character when caught in a difficult decision. She'll suffer agonies of em­barrassment over the condemnation of society in such an affair, but that won't alter her course of action any more than it will alter the purity of her motivation. It's a perfect example of the firm practicality of Virgo's earth element, blended with the mental, airy, ideal-seeking Mercury. There's a white heat to Virgo love, once it's ignited, that can put the passions of other Sun signs to shame by its very intensity and singleness of purpose. Igniting it may take some time, however.

I will admit that the fiery, physical aspect of love may be somewhat subdued in the typical Virgo female, but there's a mysterious, quiet, waiting quality in this woman. and "passion of the spirit" is a most satisfactory substitute to men who prefer the delicacy of understatement in romance.

She's a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean that she herself is perfect. She has her negative traits, and they can be very trying. To begin with, Virgo females have this dogged belief that no one can do things as orderly and as efficiently as they can. What really drives you wild is that- usually-no one can. They're also sticklers for promptness. Did you ever keep a Virgo woman waiting for a date? When she's upset or cranky, she won't rage and storm and break bottles over your head, but she can be shrewish and fussy when you've annoyed her. You might as well expect a frank scolding. An occasional Virgo woman can come pretty close to behaving like a virago, but most of them don't carry it that far. Take her flowers. Admit you're wrong and don't argue. It won't do you a bit of good, you can't win with a Virgo. The earth is her element, so she appreciates the creations of nature, and the posies will soften her irritation. As for the apologies, keep them brief and accurate. The Virginian is nobody's fool. Her clarity of vision will spot an elaborate lie by the smoothest talker, and the faintest smear of lipstick on the edge of a collar. She may be pure-minded, but she's certainly not naive.

I'm not implying that she'll go through your laundry, at least not before you're married. After that, it will be in her house, and she won't feel so guilty about it.

This girl has a mental block when it comes to admitting she's wrong-like a block of wood right in front of her brain-so you'd be smart to take the blame right away. Most of the time, she'll be right, frustrating though it may be. So why fight it? When you've put her back into her normal mood, she's such an exquisite delight, you won't care who won or lost.

If you can bear the wound to your male ego, you might profit from taking her financial advice, or letting her handle the budget. She's concise and practical, and she catches tiny errors even a CPA might overlook. (Unless there are afflictions in her natal aspects, or she has an impulsive ascendant.)

Brush up on your manners and your grammar if you're dating a Virgo female. She won't take kindly to abuse of the language, swearing or drinking from the finger bowl. Don't chew celery close to her ear and it's better if you pass up corn-on-the-cob altogether. That's enough of a challenge at any time, let alone trying to eat it daintily in front of her. Tell the waiter to cut it off and serve it to you on the plate. You'll never pass inspection with sloppy clothing, either. Once in love with a Virgo, you might as well resign yourself to shaving twice a day, and the same goes for showers. Splash on after shave lotion, brush off the lint, spruce up your hair, wear a fresh shirt, mind your manners, and polish your shoes before you go a-courting this girl. And here's a very valuable tip: the next time you're late, pretend you don't realize what time it is. Walk in her door angrily. When she asks you what's wrong, tell her that silly, ridiculous, blasted library (that's about as profane as you'll dare to get) keeps closing five minutes before they're supposed to, according to their rules. It wouldn't be so bad now and then, but they lock the doors on you every night when you have all those heavy scientific journals to put away. She'll forget all about the tardiness.

Don't take her to the racetrack and let her see you throw away a week's pay on Golden Chance in the fifth, on the nose. Save your off-color stories for the men at lunch, and tell her constantly you're glad she's not the flighty type, You are, aren't you? She's not a clinging vine, either. Virgo goes to no extremes. She can take care of herself, thank you. But she doesn't have to act like a man to do it.

Don't overpower her with your physical charms or bear hug her on the subway, and don't rush the goodnight kiss on the first or even the tenth date-wait for better things. In general, underplay the whole scene. Move in slowly, with grace and taste, or you'll end up in the orchestra pit with all the other banjo thumpers. Speaking of the theater, she'll probably love it. Parades, too. The pomp and pag­eantry, the dramatic emotion, give her an outlet for her own tightly controlled emotions. Besides, she's one great critic. Her highly developed intellect and artistic taste com­bine to give her a keen perception. If you could make Broadway producers understand this, you'd be showered with free passes to out-of-town openings. A Virgo woman will call the critics' reviews in advance almost every time. Discrimination is one of her keywords. She loves plays, concerts and books, but she's severely critical of the con­tent. She's just as critical of your tie and how you wear your hair, what you do and what you say. To criticize is as natural to her as breathing is to you. Virgo is the eternal perfectionist, and without her, we would all be pretty •nessy and sloppy around the edges. Don't cr iticize her, lowever. That's against the rules. The golden rule definitely does not apply here. What she does to you, you'd better not do to her. Her crystal-clear thinking makes her in­wardly as aware of her own imperfections as she is of yours, and she judges herself frequently and harshly, which is why she feels she doesn't need any help from you. Of her it can be truly said that she's "her own worst critic."

One nice thing about being in love with this woman is that she'll do all your worrying for you, and possibly even enjoy it. She'll keep you from goofing without robbing you of your manhood, an art that women born under other Sun signs might well imitate.

As for the matter of faithfulness, you may hear of a rare Virgo female who, for her own unfathomable reasons, has decided to toss away virtue with a vengeance, but there's usually a desire to prove something to herself at the bottom of such a spree, and it won't last long. Virgo females who take an occasional whirl down the primrose path of promis­cuity are clever enough to cover up the lapse, and such behavior is most certainly an exception. Ordinarily, if she really loves you, you'd be safe to trust the typical Virginian woman with the sexiest man you know on a desert island for a month. For two months? Well, Virgos are human, you know. They're not walking, talking computers. They have hearts warmer than people suspect, and emotions that can thunder with feeling, even if they don't care to rent a billboard to advertise it. The emotional nature of Virgo is controlled, but not nonexistent. Remember that. It will give you courage.

The Virgo girl is annoyingly meticulous about small things, but she can also be the kindest, most generous and affectionate little creature in the world. Consider her per­fectionism a virtue, instead of a vice. With all the impulsive­ness rampant in the world, what would we do without the sharp eye and mind of Virgo? Even while she's irri­tating you with her critical ways, there's a lovable quality about her that's downright irresistible. But of course you've already discovered that, or you wouldn't be shaving twice a day and going to the library every night. Her modest manner and soft, clear eyes have done their job well. You've probably even found out how much fun she is when people don't pick on her, and what a clever wit lies inside that pretty head. It's a lovely and strange thing that when Virgo women laugh it often sounds like the peal of little bells.

She has no illusions, so don't try to sell her any phony ideas. To her, truth is beauty-and beauty is truth. Get used to her emptying the ash trays every three seconds, be kind to her stray kittens, and she'll perform the pipe and slippers routine with feminine grace. She'll share herself cautiously, only with one she trusts, and little things mean a lot to her. Despite her modesty and natural shyness, she's tough enough and strong enough for others to find com­forting when dark clouds gather. The quiet courage and deep sense of responsibility of Virgo women often acts as a magic glue to hold large families together. She'll probably be a good cook, and she'll never poison you with her soup. Your house will be clean and cozy, and the big bowl on the coffee table will hold apples instead of choco­late candies (bad for the teeth and general health).

You'll probably never see your youngster running around the neighborhood with a runny nose, a jam-stained face or torn sneakers. You won't find tiny fingers scatter­ing your tobacco or coloring on your private papers, either. She'll be a firm disciplinarian. Virgo women seldom have more than one or two children, and don't seem to need motherhood to satisfy their femininity. But once baby has bounced into her life, she'll never neglect his physical, moral or educational needs. She may not supply his emo­tional needs as easily, but if she's sure of your love and knows she's appreciated, she'll relax and give her offspring plenty of warm affection. Little ones often find Virgo mothers delightfully funny and gentle. They'll be firm, and try to instill good habits, but they have a tender touch that tells a child he's securely loved.

Remember the poem that says you shouldn't buy bread with your last sixpence, but "hyacinths for the soul"? Give this woman both. You may often catch her busy with sew­ing or mending, and if you have a really typical Virgo wife, your house may be full of the heavenly mixed fragrance of fresh flowers and hot home-made bread baking crisply in the oven. It's pretty nice to come home to. She'll dust off all your old dreams and make them shine again, and you'll have a woman who will never borrow your razor or use your toothbrush for her mascara. She'll nurse you like an angel when you're ill, and she won't embarrass you by flirting with your best friend. She'll dress neatly and be able to talk with you about something besides diapers and beauty parlor gossip. You'll get every ounce of loyalty and devotion you deserve. She won't throw emotional scenes of jealousy or throw your money away foolishly. She'll keep your secrets in her heart, help you organize your work, and probably won't get wrinkled in middle age. Now really, isn't all that worth minding your manners and keep­ing your fingernails clean? Her eyes are cool pools of pure love, and when she smiles, she can light up a whole room with her radiance. Better keep her. You may never get so lucky again.

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Rihanna Pictures, Images and Photos

Rihanna is best known as a Barbadian singer and model who recorded the hits "Umbrella", "SOS", and "Take a Bow", all of which ended up at the top of the Billboard charts after her singing debut in 2005.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados to father Ronald and mother Monica who later divorced when Rihanna was just fourteen years old.

Rihanna's began singing when she was seven but her fame didn't take off until she was fifteen. Music became a career as a result of creating a musical trio with two of her classmates at the Charles F. Broome Memorial School and in 2003 they were introduced to record producer Evan Rogers. Rogers immediately saw the potential and began working with Rihanna to develop her recording career. Over the next year Rihanna and her mother commuted back and forth between Barbados and Connecticut, where Rogers and his wife lived. A year later, when Rihanna was sixteen, she made a permanent move to the US to live with Rogers and his wife.

During her first year in the US, Rihanna attended school and recorded her demos over summer and Christmas breaks. When they were finished, Rogers and Carl Sturken sent the vocals to various recording companies and they finally ended up at Def Jam. Jay-Z, the president of Def Jam at the time, quickly signed her.

Rihanna's debut album, "Music of the Sun", jumped to the top of the Billboard charts after its release in 2005. Although the music is considered pop and R&B, Rihanna's records were originally sold under the reggae genre due to her Caribbean descent. Her work was later sold under R&B, pop, hip-hop, and dance genres.

Rihanna's second album, "A Girl Like Me", was released in 2006, less than a year after her original album and contained the song "SOS" which launched Rihanna to the top of the billboard charts. Her third album, "Good Girl Gone Bad", came out in 2007 and yielded eight hits, including "Umbrella", "Shut Up and Drive," and "Don't Stop the Music."

As a result of her success, Rihanna was nominated for four Grammy Awards in 2007 and six in 2008 including Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Dance Recording. In 2009, Rihanna was scheduled to perform a the Grammys but cancelled. It was later revealed that she'd had a dispute with then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, who had allegedly assaulted her that morning.

Beyonce Pictures, Images and Photos


Beyonce Knowles was born on the 4th of September, 1981 in Houston, Texas, USA, as Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. Her African American parents named her in tribute of her French speaking grandmother. Beyonce has a younger sister called Solange Knowles (she is also an actress and singer).

Like many African American singers before her, Knowles started her singing career in her church choir. She was also taking dance classes from a very early age and entering singing/dance competitions regularly.

Along with her cousin Kelly Rowland and friends LaTavia Robertson and Letoya Luckett, Beyonce formed a group called "Girl's Tyme". Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles saw the potential of the ambitious quartet and quit his high job to manage the group. It forced the Knowles family to struggle financially while the group improved, but they were eventually signed to Columbia records in 1996.

The group became "Destiny's Child" and were an almost instant hit with the public. The four became three and lost two founding members Letoya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson after disagreements in the group. Destiny's Child released 7 albums over a period of almost ten years. With the great success that the group brought them, Beyonce Knowles decided to pursue a solo career and the band finished in 2005.

Her 2003 solo debut called "Dangerously in Love" was a great success. One hit single from the album called "Crazy in Love" featured the famous rapper Jay-Z. Her second solo studio album titled "B'Day" released in 2006 has also been a worldwide hit for Knowles.

Beyonce Knowles has also made a career for herself in acting with major roles in films like "Austin Powers in Goldmember", "The Fighting Temptations", and "The Pink Panther".

Peter Pettigrew Pictures, Images and Photos
Justin Timberlake

em Pictures, Images and Photos

lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos
Lady Gaga

paris hilton Pictures, Images and Photos

Paris Hilton

Britney Spears Pictures, Images and Photos
Britney Spear

Britney Jean Spears is a famous American pop singer and entertainer that has sold millions of records around the world. Her life is closely scrutinized by the celebrity gossip media and Spears has been involved in numerous scandals, controversies and break downs.

Britney Spears was born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She first came to fame as a member of the Disney Channel's New Mickey Mouse Club in the 1993 and 1994 seasons.

Her castmates on the show included Justin Timberlake and Joshua Chasez (who later became members of the pop band NSYNC), Keri Russell (star of the TV show Felicity), Christina Aguilera, also a pop singer, and actor Ryan Gosling. Britney Spears dated Timberlake for about five years.

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
Her first album on Jive Records, ...Baby One More Time, debuted in the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard Charts in early 1999, and also topped the charts in the UK. The single of the same name was also a number one hit in many countries, and was accompanied by a music video in which Spears wore a schoolgirl outfit and danced down a high-school corridor.

Britney Spears broke the record for the youngest artist, at age 17, to have their first single debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (This record was recently broken by 13-year-old artist, JoJo, whose single "Leave (Get Out)" debuted at #1.) Spears also broke the record for the youngest artist, at age 17, to have their first single and first album debut simultaneously at #1 on the Billboard charts. Spears still holds this record.

In 2000, Britney Spears was nominated for two Grammy awards: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the single "...Baby One More Time", and Best New Artist. She did not receive either award.

Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again
Her followup album, Oops!... I Did It Again, released on May 16, 2000, also debuted at number one, and was a similarly huge hit.

Following the success of her first two albums, Spears' career skyrocketed, and a multimillion-dollar music, film, advertisement, concert and TV-special "industry" sprang up around her. Her most popular ads were for Pepsi. In 2003 there was media speculation that the soft drink behemoth were planning to replace Spears with Destiny's Child frontwoman Beyoncé Knowles. This speculation turned out to be false, and Spears has gone on to sponsor other Pepsi products.

In 2001, Spears was again nominated for two Grammy awards: Best Pop Vocal Album for Oops!...I Did It Again and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the single of the same name. She did not receive either award.

Her next album, Britney, was released on November 6, 2001, and debuted at number one in the charts. The first single "I'm A Slave 4 U" was produced by The Neptunes, and its R'n'B stylings heralded the starlet's attempt to grow with her audience, young and old. Over 4 million copies of Britney were sold in the United States alone, and the album went on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide. While the album was very much a hit by anyone else's standards, these figures are low in comparison to the sales of her other albums.

In 2002, Spears starred in a movie, Crossroads, which reached number two in the box office charts. Songs from the album Britney appeared in the film. Spears' performance was poorly received by critics and she netted herself a Razzie Award for worst performance of 2002. In June 2002, Spears branched out as a restaurateur with the opening of a New York City eatery, NYLA, but the venture was not a success and the restaurant closed in 2003.

In September 2002, she took a break from the spotlight, and in 2003 many music industry critics speculated that her career was in decline. Over the course of her first three albums, Britney Spears had sold approximately 54 million copies worldwide.

In 2003, Spears was nominated for two Grammy awards yet again: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Overprotected", and Best Pop Vocal Album for Britney. She did not win either award.

Britney Spears - In The Zone
Her fourth album, In the Zone, was released on November 18, 2003. Jettisoning the Max Martin produced synth pop of her earlier releases, the album takes in lesser-known producers such as RedZone as well as such big names as Moby and R. Kelly. Spears co-wrote eight of the album's thirteen songs. In the Zone rose straight to the top of the album charts in its debut week. Spears is the only female in music history to have her first four albums debut at No. 1. After an opening performance in which she kissed Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards in August, Madonna was also featured on the album's first single, "Me Against the Music". The single only reached No. 35 on the Hot 100, but was a No. 1 hit in other countries.

On January 3, 2004, Spears married her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander at The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple promptly arranged for an annulment, which was granted on January 5, ending their 55-hour marriage. Following the wedding, Spears released the second single from In The Zone, "Toxic", which became a worldwide hit and a No. 1 hit in over twenty different countries. The single occupied the No. 1 slot in the US for four consecutive weeks.

In March, she embarked on her fourth world tour, "The Onyx Hotel Tour", which grossed over $34 million dollars and was seen by over 600,000 fans in North America and Europe. Meanwhile, the album's third single, "Everytime", was starting to receive radio play. While the song only reached No. 15 on the US charts, it was a No. 1 hit overseas in such countries as the UK and Australia. In June, she cancelled the remaining dates of her tour after injuring her knee during the filming of a video for her fourth single, "Outrageous". Shortly after returning from hospital, Spears, 22, announced her engagement to dancer Kevin Federline, 26. Federline was formerly linked with actress Shar Jackson, with whom he has two small children.

In August, Spears won the Choice Single award for "Toxic" at the Teen Choice Awards. She has also been nominated for four Video Music Awards, including Best Female Video and Best Video Of The Year. Since its release In The Zone has sold close to three million copies in the United States, and over six million copies worldwide.

On the night of September 18, 2004, Spears married Federline before 20-30 guests in a private non-denominational ceremony at a residence in Studio City, California. She wore a white dress and Federline wore a white tuxedo. The men and women attending the ceremony wore light blue and pink sweatsuits, respectively.

Britney Spears - Controversy and Scandals
Spears' success has rested on a mixed fanbase. Millions of prepubescent girls became enthusiasts for her work, adopting her as an idol. It also appears that many young adult males are also fans. Writers on popular music for the mainstream press, however, have generally been dismissive of Spears' music, considering it to be commercial and shallow.

Some parents of young daughters have ambivalent or even negative feelings towards Britney Spears. To many critics, the singer has combined a very "sexy" public image with a major marketing "play" for the hearts, minds and pockets of prepubescent girls, often as young as seven or eight. The sexualization of such girls is arguably a trend that is visible elsewhere in popular culture, for example in the film and fashion industries.

Some parents take the view that their daughters deserve a chance to participate fully and happily in the pleasures of childhood before being led into an early emotional adolescence. There is also an open question as to whether young children are ready for the often complicated feelings that come with sexual maturity. Lastly, parents may worry that Britney Spears provides an unrealistic role model for their daughters' life and career plans.

In October 2003, Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich, the wife of Governor Robert Ehrlich, was criticized for saying that she would like to "shoot Britney Spears" in an address to a domestic violence conference. After her comments made national headlines, she was forced to apologize.

The sexual iconography of Britney Spears once again became a topic of debate as a result of her 2003 semi-nude photo spread for the men's magazine, Esquire. Prompted by this, Playboy reportedly offered the star over a million dollars to pose nude for their magazine. Spears has publicly declined the offer.

While young girls seldom address this debate in the same terms as their parents, many are divided on whether they consider Britney Spears appealing, especially in the light of more recent developments in her career.

For her part, Spears has responded to their concerns by stating that she is "not their babysitter. It's the parents' responsibility. If you don't like it, turn the T.V. off. The only person I want to be a role model is to my sister, Jamie Lynn." (From ABC's Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer).

In common with a number of other popular female figures in show business, Britney Spears' private life has attracted considerable media attention. Indeed, some people feel that she has courted it by cultivating, in her early years at least, a chaste, God-fearing and "wholesome" image somewhat at odds not only with the traditional pressures, temptations and opportunities of "pop 'n' roll" but with the increasingly sexualized content of her own songs. Regardless of where the responsibility for the gossip industry surrounding the pop star lies, Spears' public response has been to repeatedly express regret and resentment at the intrusive media coverage.

Britney Spears was married to Kevin Federline in 2004. They had two children together; Sean Preston and Jayden James. Britney and K-Fed also appeared in their own reality television program called Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. The couple were divorced in 2006 due to "irreconcilable differences".

avril lavign Pictures, Images and Photos
Avril Lavign

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born on the 29th of August, 1958 as "Michael Joseph Jackson". Michael Jackson was born to parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana USA. The Jacksons were a large family with nine children, Michael being the 7th child. All nine children, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Randy, Janet, and Michael Jackson lived with their parents in a small 2 bedroom house, with their father Joseph Jackson having to support the large family with the income of a steel mill worker.

The family were Jehovah's Witnesses and loved singing and playing music. In the mid 60s, five of the Jackson brothers (Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and Michael) formed the "Jackson 5" with Michael being the lead singer. Jackson's father was very strict on his children and is reported to have beaten them if they did not perform to his satisfaction. The Jackson 5 ( also known as The Jackson Five, The Jackson 5ive, J5 or The Jacksons) went on to sell more than 100 million albums worldwide and operate in one form or another from 1962 through 1990.

Michael Jackson was the most popular member of the group and went to further his success and popularity with his own solo career. He went on to be one of the best selling pop singers of all time, releasing hit album after hit album. From his 1979 solo release "Off the Wall" to the wildly successful 1982 album "Thriller", Jackson became an icon in the music industry. The pop star has sold more than 170 millions albums worldwide, with his "Thriller" album being the highest selling album ever, with more than 50 millions sold.

Michael Jackson has also been a fascination with media worldwide. His every move is photographed by the paparazzi and talked about in gossip magazines, newspapers and publications worldwide. His sometimes eccentric behavior and lifestyle have fueled the media's interest in "The King of Pop" or "Wacko Jacko", depending on the story at the time.

Jackson was married to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley 1994, a marriage that lasted 2 years. He then married "Debbie Rowe" in 1996 and had two children with her (Prince Michael and Paris Katherine) . Rowe and Jackson were divorced in 1999 with Jackson gaining full parental rights. In 2002 Jackson had another son with a surrogate mother, called Prince Michael II (nicknamed Blanket).

Michael Jackson has been accused of child molestation several times but was acquitted of all charges.

Shakira Pictures, Images and Photos


Shakira was born as Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll on the 2nd of February, 1977 in Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia. Her mother is Nidya del Carmen Ripoll Torrado of Colombian/Italian/Spanish decent and her father William Mebarak Chadid is of Lebanese decent.

Shakira started singing and dancing from an early age and was always encouraged to express herself by her parents. She was called "the belly dancer girl" at school as she would often sing and/or dance.

Her first album was recorded with Sony Music in 1991. It was called Magia and Shakira was just 14 years old. Her 2001 English language album called "Laundry Service" was a major commercial success for Shakira, making her known worldwide. The singles "Whenever, Wherever" and "Underneath Your Clothes" were number one hits in many countries around the world.

Shakira has used her commercial success and fame to found the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which means Bare Feet Foundation in English. The organization was found by Shakira in 1995 and helps poor children in Colombia. Barefoot Foundation's mission is "The Barefoot Foundation works to ensure that every Colombian child can exercise their right to a quality education. Our model targets displaced and vulnerable communities by addressing their unique needs." Their vision is "
To demonstrate a sustainable, replicable education model that provides quality education to Colombia’s most vulnerable people, thereby unlocking their intellectual, emotional and social potential."